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Patching and Trying

3. September 2014

I couldn’t help myself; I have to make the move to try and bring back the old ways. The feeling of relief and happiness knowing that you have let it out, you made the first move, you open it. He gets drawn to the conversation you started. You exchange words. You try to let him feel that you miss him indirectly. You try to pick up where you both left, try and patch things out bringing them to where it usually was, being FRIENDS. Leaving that feeling of awkwardness and being happy again like nothings change; nothing happened, we are ourselves from where we were two years ago. Time of grief has come to an end and it’s the season to open doors and minds that have once shut because of heartbreaks and heartaches. Enough! Move on and be happy. Time flies but making life to where your pit came will never let you move forward. Embrace the sun rays, the fresh breeze hiding on curtains and blankets have been extended too much. Let us both be happy.


18. August 2014

That’s the good thing about him, he’s imperfect.
He’s smart, an achiever but he has failed some time.
He’s not handsome but he can get your attention.
He’s tall but he does not have a good body shape, he’s not skinny, he’s chubby, he does not even have muscles or abs.
He has freckles, but he has that cute dashing smile.
He’s eyes are the normal asian black/brown colored eye but he has a pair of eyes that will indeed make you melt.
He’s got a lot of friends, male and female but he’s introvert at times.
Almost everybody that’s younger than him knows him, but he doesn’t act like the ‘King of the Hill’ on school.
He has won almost all the ladies hearts, but to the lady he loved, he failed not just once but a couple of times.
He walks the Earth in criss-crossed path.
He may even have let down God for a couple of times, he may have sinned. He’s not perfect.
He’s not cool, he’s weird.
He’s not beautiful but he’s interesting.
Now who wouldn’t want that kind of guy? I know I do


A Sagittarius is care-free. They don’t worry about petty problems. Only the big stuff matters. - zodiac signs facts

Sagittarius independent spirit won’t tolerate any restrictions on personal freedom. - zodiac signs facts

You can’t be a boring ass person while in a relationship with Sagittarius. If so, they won’t be around for long. - zodiac signs facts